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5 Ways to Wear Vests

I love vests. I realized the other day that I often wear one at least 3 times a week. There are so many different ways to wear vests that it is easy to wear them often. I’ve pulled together the top 5 ways I wear them to share with you. With jeans and blouse Probably the easiest way to wear…

A Shadow Bright and Burning Review | Jessica Cluess | Puppies & Pretties

A Shadow Bright and Burning Review

Imagine a Victorian England where demons called Ancients terrorize the countryside and only sorcerers that are centralized in London can help. Other magic wielders, magicians and witches, are considered scrounges of society as they supposedly opened the gateway for the Ancients to come. That is where Henrietta lives in fear as she believes she is a witch because she can…

It's a Wrap: Talbots striped white, navy and pink wrap, black long sleeved shirt, white jeans, grey boots. Winter style, travel outfit | Puppies & Pretties

It’s A Wrap

This outfit gives me all of the heart eyes. I don’t know what it is about it, but I LOVE everything. It is that perfect combination of a few of my favorite things; cute boots, a pretty wrap with stripes and white jeans. It is also bright and cheery for these cold days. Now that I’ve worn this wrap, I…