Reading Lately: May Edition

Hello friends! Isn’t it crazy that the end of May is upon us? It was a good month for reading for me. Four books all told. As I write these reviews, I noticed my books were pretty darn depressing but all of them were fantastic. Be sure to go all the way to the end, as we have a giveaway…


Style Perspectives: Navy Look

Ever had a type of clothing that you love but can never find one that fits you right? That was me to a T when it came to jumpsuits and rompers. There are so many fun styles and types, but every single one I tried on didn’t come close to fitting. I had more or less given up finding one….



Ever have an outfit come together that just makes you feel fancy? I initially was going to wear this top untucked, but it was a little wrinkled on the bottom since I wore it all day at work with a maxi skirt. So I tried tucking it in and it just worked. The flouncy-ness of the top makes it just…